IMG-20170105-WA0006It was a unique celebration of joy, marking a successful end of 2016 and a hopeful start of 2017, when the MaxLife family assembled and dined with the wonderful kids of AKILI-OZIZOR community in ANAMBRA STATE, NIGERIA. The children, with their coordinators, all beamed with joy as they ate, drank and merry with each other.



IMG-20170105-WA0003     IMG-20170105-WA0013



IMG-20170105-WA0011At the MADONNA MOTHERLESS BABIES HOME, ATANI, ANAMBRA STATE, MaxLife also was fully represented where they donated various kinds of items ranging from assorted edibles, drinks, provisions, domestic goodies to children’s toys and teddies to the Staff for the upkeep of the motherless kids.

The joy in the children’s heart was so enriching as we enjoyed their characteristic company and rewarding presence.




Beyond that area, MaxLife paid a well-fulfilling visit to the HOME OF THE DISABLED, FEGGE, ONITSHA, ANAMBRA STATE. Though the inmates themselves apparently might not have understood the essence of our presence and visit, we still delighted in making a reasonable impact that would affect their ill conditions positively. IMG-20170105-WA0010MaxLife family, not only encouraged the staff morally, visited the fatally-disadvantaged kids with assorted provisions especially cartons of custard and diary products, being mostly what they are sustained with. It was really an outing so refreshing and re-assuring.

Of course, these very gestures are in keeping with part of MaxLife’s resolve to always and in all circumstances have the child’s happiness and comfort at heart, ever cognizant of the fact that TODAY’S HAPPY CHILDREN WILL GUARANTEE TOMORROW’S LOVELY SOCIETY.

…together we gear towards holistic salvation!




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