Here arrives another beautiful commemoration of the Easter joy. This is a Season in which we celebrates the Power of Genuine Love. The very kind which Christ the Lord exemplified in a most perfect and significant manner. “No greater love than this …laying down one’s life for the other.” Truly, an unprecedented possibility in the practical sense of it.

Yet another avenue for reminder to every living heart. We demonstrate genuine love not when we allow ourselves killed by the sword or metal. We can only show love to our fellow in need and only when we are alive to think and do it. That’s what we live for. That’s how we fill the earth with love.

We give out in order for a life somewhere to know, understand, appreciate and extend true love. That’s the implication of Easter to our kind vision of making way for a holistic salvation especially towards the poor, the fatherless and needy.

Let every heart love and be loved.

Wishing all a very satisfying Easter Joy!!!

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