Since the advent of Industrial Revolution, the world has never been the same. It has experienced a quite tremendous and glitz-edged change; the sort that would leave ‘men’ who had lived before now baffled. Prior to this phenomenal change, life knew less distraction. Life has really experienced upsurge in every area; its characteristic quietness has been substituted with noisy and super active society.

People, especially the youth, have promptly subsisted to acclimatize to this salient change in history. According to Chatelier, when constraints such as increase in temperature, pressure are imposed on a system in equilibrium, the system will shift to annul the effect. It is not the willingness to entertain this paradigm shift, but how we readjust to manage the effects of this change has been the bane of our contemporary youths. In order to catch up within this fast-paced and hyperactive society, how do we react to social pressures?

Today, introspection is seemingly considered to be irrelevant, a fool’s errand, a utopia, yet it remains the soul of effective self development through self awareness. How well do you know yourself? How often do you revisit your moral compass? The world today has a glacial look towards introspection. Sometimes the more we pray and expect good tidings, the farther the gap of getting to them becomes. We have lost our bearings, we have departed from our origins, and we have spent so much time outside of ourselves. In fact, a regularly detailed mental examination of our own feelings, thoughts and motives should be taken as the seed for self awareness.

Most people today are toiling hard to create some impact- a struggle they are myopic about, a struggle that is motivated by mass pressure, and not because they understand why they most toil. This is not in any way to condemn good directions from decent models or personalities.

Self examination involves mostly asking oneself what you really want to make out of life, cognizant of the truth that every living soul is unique. It entails understanding how best to approach our purpose without being necessarily limited/rated by social pressures or mass influence.

Personal reassessment should be regular and constant in order to sustain the true direction that our purpose in life demands. Understanding odd eventualities as unfavourable factors that must surely come up from time to time in pursuing our life goals is a very important key to enduring ourselves through success. Clear acknowledgement of this fact is a basic antidote for unproductive crises in all stages of self development.

Having a mission statement, defining what you want to make out of life are the defining elements in making sustainable impacts in life. However, it all starts with a sincere understanding of our selves.

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