Maxwell Chinedu Omabuwa Oduah Etoromi Foundation, as it is officially known, gladly celebrates the very first year of its existence on this 3rd day of September, 2017. This same day equally brings to mind the momentous burial of Late Maxwell Chinedu Omabuwa Oduah Etoromi, a prodigious character which could best be immortalized in such a Charity Foundation. Thus, MaxLife Foundation was formally launched and inaugurated following the religious exercise in which Maxwell was laid finally to rest.

Bringing solace and joy to as much people’s lives and conditions as possible so effortlessly and cheerfully, being a core habit of Late Maxwell, summarizes the goals of the growing Foundation. Wholesome empowerment of less academically inclined kids which also formed part of his dream in life, has been a very important project which formed the framework of our Missions and Vision. These, as a matter of fact and vital need, have really preoccupied the few programmes organized so far and as well summed up the content of a good number of our achievements hitherto.

That very Saturday declaration has indeed been vindicated by months of empowerment in the lives of the very poor, of course, not without its challenges. Yet we are glad because we remained resolute in aiming towards our vision of realizing a holistic salvation through sustainable human development. We are indeed spurred to achieve more in the coming calendar. In MaxLife, we work towards being more valuable than successful.

Fully determined to keep Maxwell’s dream alive, we have engaged a total number of 147 students in various high institutions for purely acquisition of skill/practical knowledge. For it was his thought that every child is endowed with a peculiar talent despite any odds in getting to it. Our preferences are prioritized in Agriculture, Domestic Skill Acquisition, and Metallurgical Expertise. As it were, this informed their enrolment into schools like: Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Grundtvig Institute Oba & Metallurgical Training Institute Obosi both in Anambra State.  Thankfully, all of them are at the verge of completing their 1st academic year of thorough training.

The selection for enrolment and full sustenance of all this number of students were the fundamental objective of MaxLife. Through verifiable channels we had made certain to get our beneficiaries from very poor backgrounds [especially the fatherless]. This is to ensure that the charitable acts of our mission remain impactful to the letter. Thus, we made provisions for every single financial requirement starting from procurement of School Admission Forms for every candidate who were brought to us and were willing to learn. We offered full-scale Scholarship award which includes [but not limited to] providing for their collection of school fees, accommodation, semestral welfare funds, etc. These and more are what we owe all the candidates up to their final graduation through a 3-year period. There are also 15 secondary students under the MaxLife Scholarship Scheme who just completed their 1st year and are to enjoy more 5 years of free education till graduation.

As it were, the scope of the Foundation transcends the field of learning. Last June, we successfully organized an empowerment programme that brought hope and joy to the hearts of 180 poor petty traders around Okpoko and Onitsha environs in Anambra State. That was a very lively social exercise that reignited the orientation of beneficiaries towards success in life after which each went home with some significant amount of cash to support their businesses.  More basically, the programme also served a medium to encourage parents/guardians of very poor origins who toil all day to make ends meet for themselves and their families amidst the harshness of economic recession.

At this very period, indeed, we celebrate not only our 1st anniversary but also our moral supporters and beneficiaries for whom our efforts were and would never in vain. They are a very huge source of morale booster and wholesome inspiration for what we stand for. We also celebrate everyone especially those who believe that life is more meaningful through human development; those who give hope to others by giving out a little of their fortune. For in such thoughts and deeds, life is more livable. It makes more sense in seeing success as not just about what you accomplish in our life. Rather it is more of what you inspire others to do.



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