The beauty of democracy

Democracy has been a subject of strong discourse among giants in political analysis. Relatively to other forms of government democracy enjoys certain advantages over them. Having originated from the ancient Greece, democracy is defined as the government of the people by the people and for the people. In summary democracy is a form of government that have people orientation as it’s basic underlying characteristics. Consequence of the above definition is glaring and depicts Itself as most countries in the world  have adopted this form of government above others-after all governance is about the welfare of the people.

Empowerment of the electorate underpins the beauty of democracy. No other form of government empowers the masses as democracy. In a democratic government the electorate has a franchise to exercise-a duty they owe to themselves and the State. Unlike in an undemocratic government,where the masses are denied the right to elect leaders. According  to Henri Fayol a writer in classical management he states  that authority can be delegated but responsibility cannot be delegated and that every delegated authority must be accounted for through responsibility.

We the electorates have been giving the authority to elect our leaders which we must account for by exercising our franchise. While exercising your franchise it is paramount to understand that every action that is a direct consequence of a choice has a resultant reaction. We shouldn’t let inconsequential elements such as partisan politics, share hatred and bitter acrimony becloud our sense of duty and judgement nor let our sense of reasoning enslaved by prejudice. We should exercise our franchise with full mental comport basing our judgement  on credibility and patriotism. Our judgement should exclusively be based on the ability of the candidate to discharge  the entrusted mandate. Political sustainability is our ability to achieve the dreams of today without compromising the ability of future  generations to achieve theirs. we can contribute effectively to political sustainability by voting wisely tomorrow. Remember your choice tomorrow  will determine how happy, secured and your your entire welfare will be in the next fours.

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