Mugabe a hero turned an apologetic dictator

The states of Africa have been lurch with political mayhem in its quest to unbridle the cord of colonialism. The crux of African’s problem ab initio has been inherent and embedded in leadership. The late 1900’s which can be described as a golden age in the history of Africa witnessed an upsurge in the fight to gain freedom from the subtle ploy weaved in the mastery hands of the white supremacist, branded colonialism and discharged through indirect rule and assimilation. A scheme designed to place a mental siege, to alienate self rule and to encourage and perpetrate various despicable acts against humanity. Prior to this golden era Africa was scrambled and shared in Berlin conference of 1878. All the geographical regions of Africa were flooded with European super powers with economic exploitation and cultural erosion been the other of the day. Many African nationalist like Zik of Africa, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania—been worthy ambassadors of Africa, waged an intellectual war against these anomalies. It has been a subject of discourse among historians and other intellectuals to the extent to wish their struggle was effective against this highly dreaded hydra. The southern Rhodesia which comprises of South Africa and Zimbabwe, were not in any way different from what was obtained in all other parts of the continent. In South Africa Nelson Mandela fought intrepidly, at the price of 27 years imprisonment crowned with emotional and mental torture. In Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe described as been revolutionary and charismatic led them to independence. Truly Mugabe has booked his place in history, and would forever be remembered for achieving such feat. It won’t be shocking and intriguing to call him a hero.
Renowned writer Chinua Achebe rightly said “things fall apart and the center cannot hold.” He bemoaned African leaders as the lynchpin that undermines the political and economic power of African States, marauding its resources in the course of self gratification. The golden era envisaged by many to propel a radical change that will usher in advancement both in human and capital development became a mere illusion, political wailing and a ploy to further personal gratification. This golden era have with time lost its lustre and have cast a disparaging image on African leaders. It indeed reflected the selfish and visionless qualities of African leaders, which has so far earned ludicrous remark to mother Africa. This has raised a question about how ready and prepared African states were whilst agitating for freedom.
The failure of African leaders has shown it face in various screen, ranging from sit-tight syndrome, embezzlement of public fund, nepotism to name but a few. Mugabe is not an exception to these travails which has overwhelmed the continent of Africa. Since Zimbabwe gained her independence in 18th April 1980 Mugabe has been the only president the country has ever had. Wrong economic policies has plunged the country into deep economic crises resulting in high inflation rate and expected inflationary spiral, a hostile environment for investors and over 90 percent unemployment rate. In spite of the deteriorating economic conditions, which is characterized by economic stagnation and dumping of the national currency; coupled with the natural effects of aging a once revered leader never thought of the good of the Zimbabweans. While I was watching the swearing in of the new president Emmerson Mnangagwa , I could see the relief and joy in face of Zimbabweans, that could be likened to that of a bird that has just escaped captivity. Finally a hero was ousted out, rather than honorably relinquishing his position to capable hands. Although Mugabe belongs to history the ending episodes of his life, will certainly mar his role as an elder statesmanship. Achieving good governance by African leaders’ seems more apparent than real.

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