Modern day slavery in Libya:Muammar Gaddafi an uncelebrated hero?

Africa is yet to recover from the effects of slave trade that spanned over forty decades. An ill-fated activity that is characterized with mass exodus of both human and economic resources and has left the region impoverished in comparison with other regions of the world. To say at least the world Africa has become synonymous with slavery,poverty,suffering and more generally is associated with darkness:and yet no other continent is richly endowed by nature as Africa. It is somewhat a paradoxical and contradicting situation. The world has witnessed many painstaking events but none rivals slavery in cruelty, degradation of human dignity and moral corrosion.

After the Berlin conference of 1884 Africa was invaded by European super powers,an invasion that resulted in cultural erosion and disintegration. Africa was colonized foremost with an interior motive to exploit economically clothed with a hypocritical call for development. In the mid 1900 prominent young African stood against imperialist movement but one would always wonder if Africa is truly free from the clutches of colonization and imperialism. Many have argued that Africa has dwelt so much in her past, ridiculing her fortitude, resilience and courage. But have failed to address the question posed by Kwame Nkrumah’s neo-colonialism.

Kwame Nkrumah’s neo-colonialism is evident in all countries of Africa:it poses as a democlatian sword hovering at head of affairs of the government. Many thought independence would stop abruptly imperialism and foreign interference in African polity. As observed by Kwame Nkrumah and other Pan Africanist, the future of Africa is intertwined and waved in the mastery hands of the imperialistic masters leaving African with little or nothing to do. The problem of Africa is rooted in colonialism.

Africans has been subjected to torture and other undignifying treatments,as a result of color and other biased stereotypes in thought. And with the recent happenings in Libya,insulted is added to injury. The problem of Libya is as a result of ousting of an elder statesman which African did little or nothing to protect. Mummar Ghaddafi until his death in hands of Obama led regime achieved what some European countries and all African countries might not achieve. Today his vacuum has breeded ISIL,slave trading of African immigrants and other atrocious activities. Libya that was once extol is now in shambles. I am yet to witness a military conspiracy in which NATO and Russia collaborates to carry out military bombardment except in Libya. Today the international community is crying hypocritical after invading Libya without any justifiable reason and steering uproar they were unable to contain,just to ensure that every revolt against their wimps is squashed and any attempt for absolute freedom is thwarted. To keep African perpetually underdeveloped and totally dependent.




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