Lessons of cycle and season

Life is an ordered set that is made up of cycles and seasons. Statistical tools of probability and variation are inherent in nature. Life is full of trends, cycles, variations that are exclusively independent- each occurring at its time and following a definite repetitive pattern. There is rainy season and dry season as well, a period of birth and growth. In the absence of any force majeure, these cycles are bound to occur at a given and a known time.
In a year there are 365 days (366 days every leap year), 52 weeks, 12 months and 24 hours in a day. These events are fixed from one cycle to another, as long as there is life it will be witnessed in the next cycle. Christmas and Easter is fixed, Eid-fitr and Eid-kabir is fixed and the happiness they bring is periodic in itself,expensed at the end of the period.
Every season has its spirit and influence, and Christmas is not an exception. Christmas has an air of happiness, merriment and home coming. A period many look forward to, and live to witness. In the spirit of the festive period many squander life time savings,starting the next year bankrupt, some indulge in all sorts of social vices to fit in and others perpetrate frauds just to feel belong.
There is wisdom in learning from cycles – it teaches effective planning. Life is not dependent on festivals rather festivals are dependent on life. Our life plans should be made to accommodate festivals,but it is saddening that most of us make festival plans to accommodate our life which ought not to be so. We should understand the purpose of every celebration and make plans to celebrate within our economic strength. We should always study variations and trends, example we are in recession this should inform us on how to plan financially to avoid financial crises. It is a fatal financial move to borrow for a festive period, because any money that is borrowed for reasons other than investment purposes or to solve imminent problem will certainly lead to financial crises. In a nut shell festive periods are cyclical and fixed, once there is life it must come again, hence what we are not able achieve this period can certainly be achieved in the next period. Let us celebrate without incurring debt and hardship rather let us be nourished with the spirit of the season.

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