New year message

I am writing to convey my very best wishes and sincere thanks to all of you as we wrap up an eventful 2017 and shift our momentum into the next calendar year.

Firstly we are grateful to God,for the gift of life, and most especially for the gift of you,for your fervent prayers, sincere wishes and unwavering support. As we reflect on the past year, I believe that we have many reasons to have enormous pride in our accomplishments and look forward with enthusiasm next year.

Just a few outstanding examples, in less than a year of establishment,MaxLife has impacted lives tremendously. In June last year 9 score of petty traders were empowered financially. Also in November last year 20 score of widows were empowered financially. Score of students from indigent homes are currently on scholarship at Metallurgical training Institute Obosi, Grundvig Oba, Saint John’s high School Onitsha and Federal college of Agriculture Ishiagu Ebony State.

These accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts and the magnanimity of our sole sponsor Her Excellency Senator Stella Odua. We remain grateful to her.

We are looking forward to a more eventful year, a year of greater impact and tremendous accomplishments.

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