Thanksgiving service @Holy Trinity Catheral Onitsha

In the cadre of vices, ingratitude ranks the highest. It is a vice that accentuates itself In selfishness and discontentment. On 13th January, Her Excellency celebrated a Thanksgiving mass at Holy Trinity Cathedral centenary field Onitsha. It was an expression of gratitude to God for the numerous success and achievements last year.

The celebration brought together Bishops from different denominations,priests,public officers, Royal fathers, other dignitaries and the lay faithfuls from different walks of life with a common interests to express gratitude,solidarity and committed in building a greater Anambra-North senatorial district.

In her speech, Her Excellency thanked God and attributed all her successes and achievements to him. She recounted her numerous achievements: the best legislator in the 2017, sponsoring two fundamental bills which includes, Renewable energy bill and South-East development bill. As a visionary leader she highlighted the onerous challenges facing  Anambra-North Senatorial while providing  the panacea. She advocated increase in human capital development, which so far she has achieved in sponsoring over one thousand youths both in skill acquisition and higher education programs. Over six hundred women both widows and petty-traders were also empowered. In her words she stressed that a sustainable developed environment can be achieved through empowerment and not charity.

In summary she said “in all accomplishments,it is just God’s grace.” she ended by reminding us of her motto,which says “how will I serve so that God will be glorified?”


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