Features Of politicians You Must Beware Of In Politics



*1. Politicians that only comes around to entice you with monies and gifts whenever elections are around the corner and you will never see them again once election is over.*

*2. People that has no other occupation other than politics. Once you give them money, they start singing your praises and if you fail to give them money they run you down.*

*3. Politicians that does not impact the youths positively.*

*4. Political aides that always speaks from both sides of their mouth. They are not trustworthy, not reliable, lacks integrity but are only money conscious and selfish.*

*5. Youths that goes about singing praises for failed politicians. They are the reason why our youths are poorly affected in our political society or environment*

*6. Political aides that always accord themselves with big names. They are not only empty barrels, but also seeking for unnecessary recognition.*

*7. Political leaders that squander the commonwealth of their constituencies and leave the many needed projects in them unattended to.*

*After a careful and thorough analysis of the above traits of our past and present politicians, you must deduce that our Most Distinguished Sen. Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah is a politician and leader worthy of emulation, due to her track records in private life to her days as campaigner for former Pres. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (PGEJ) via BREATH OF FRESH AIR (NEIGHBOUR TO NEIGHBOUR), then to her days in Nigeria’s aviation ministry and now, Senator representing Anambra North senatorial district. You will also find out that Sen. Stella Oduah is not a selfish politician, after going through her achievements in just three years- how many youths she has empowered through various programs ranging from educational scholarships; free skills acquisition programs; gainful employments; etc added to her many attracted federal government constituency projects to Anambra North and the number of bills sponsored or motions moved in the Nigeria’s senate, you will wonder what her predecessor senators had been doing during their days in the hallowed chamber of Nigeria’s national assembly, with our commonwealth.*

*Sen. Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, is a leader and politician per excellence whose major apostalacy in her political sojourn, is to serve the interest of her led or people.*

*She served former Pres. Goodluck Jonathan through her Neighbour To Neighbour Campaign in 2011 and as Min. of Aviation from 2011 to 2014, before being elected to serve Anambra North in the National Assembly- a job she is doing with great tact and diplomacy that are veritable tools employed in politics by only progressive and efficient leaders like her.*

*In all, please my fellow political observers and followers, help me ask those politicians campaigning now to be elected instead of Sen. Stella Oduah in 2019, what they have done for their people(i.e kindred, villages, towns, LGAs, etc) before now that elections are around the corner, that qualifies them to replace our Most Distinguished Senator.*

*Let us keep supporting the best performing senator Anambra North have got since the creation of this new Anambra state, because she is the best and because with her in the National Assembly beyond 2019, ‘DEVELOPMENT OF ANAMBRA NORTH IS NOT ONLY ASSURED, BUT ALSO GUARANTEED’.*

*Udemgba Felix.*
*ISSOM Media Director.*

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