2nd year anniversary of Buwa’s exit unto glory

Death they say is inevitable, a debt owed by all and sundry. At the end of one’s life, there is nothing left of his physiological components except his footprints which he enshrined in the sands of time. The legacy left behind, speaks volume to the life he lived.
Buwa as he was fondly called, was the first Son of her Excellency Princess Stella Oduah. He died exactly two years from today after a brief illness. Buwa’s life was short lived, but it had a great impact notwithstanding the length of life he lived. This affirms the saying that is not the amount of time we spent here on earth that matters, but what we are able to achieve- the positive impact we made with the limited time in our disposal.
This is exactly two year that Buwa left us, but his impact and legacy lives on. It was it’s brain child idea that gave birth to MaxLife foundation, which was formally instituted in his memory by her loving mother as a testimony to a glorious life he once lived. Through this foundation many lives have been touched positively, great impact has been recorded and his death was just a medium to give life to many souls.
While he was alive he indulged in lots of charitable works and all that had contact with him testify to his loving memory that he was indeed selfless. MaxLife as the name connotes is Buwa still living. Buwa living on in MaxLife foundation has giving life to hundreds of windows and traders, has given life to hundreds of youth through Education and skillbl acquisitions by providing numerous scholarships.
As we mark the second anniversary of his painful demise, which accentuates itself in a life short lived and full of good deeds which we all miss, we pray that his gentle and loving soul rest in peace. It also calls for self reflection and evaluation, Buwa has set a precedent, by living a life that was characterized by selflessness, And has left a golden legacy. We too should think of what legacy we will be leaving behind while we are gone.

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