2nd year Anniversary of MaxLife Foundation

Today is a remarkable day in the annals of MaxLife Foundation, because of numerous reasons. It was exactly today two years ago that a famous declaration by Her Excellency princess Stella Oduah instituted the foundation in memorial of her late son Mr. Maxwell Chinedu Etoromi omabuwa Oduah, who was snatched by the cold hands of untimely death. Thus MaxLife foundation was officially instituted today, two years ago as Buwa laid to rest. Today we celebrate two years of our existence and two years anniversary of Buwa’s funeral. Buwa’s death has indeed became a source of life for many.

These two years have been filled with lots of life changing experiences, the likes Buwa indulged in while he was alive. Great strides have been achieved in both academics and other form of empowerment, in line with our strategic objectives to alleviate poverty through sustainable human capital developments.
Education is very pivotal in creating sustainable human capital development. Bearing this in mind the foundation embarked on giant academics projects in various institutions within the country, in line with its objectives to make education accessible to all with much emphasis on the indigent strata of the society. Various scholarship schemes have been developed to this regard.

Our academic projects kicked off at federal college agriculture Ishiagu, with 31 beneficiaries and then to metallurgical training institute Obosi, with initial beneficiaries numbering 49 and additional 18 at the inception of current academic year. At Grundtvig Institute Oba we have a total of 58 beneficiaries and 15 pupils at St John de apostle’s high School Odoakpu Onitsha. Our beneficiaries comprises of both boys and girls, the foundation seeks to achieve equity through equality and to promote meritocracy over mediocrity. The scholarship scheme covers from procurement of entrance form to the last fees that is paid including a reasonably semester stipend.
Beyond Empowerment in education, the foundation also embarked on financial empowerment, till date over 500 traders have benefited financially from the foundation. The financial empowerment includes doling out grants to traders to bust up their net assets and improve the overall performance of their businesses, which will in turn increase income per capita of the society.
On 16th June 2017, 180 petty traders were empowered by MaxLife foundation at Sacred heart parish hall situated along Modebe Avenue odoakpu Onitsha Anambra state.
On 10th November 2017 400 windows were also empowered by the foundation.
On 13th April 2018, the foundation embarked on a unique financial empowerment programme, start up cost were given to the best 6 persons who presented the best business plan. Also on 29th May this the same favour was extended to 25 persons as well. The start up cost is a form of grant and not a loan.
These giant strides have been achieved in the cradle of our existence and we hope to impact more positively as we grow progressively in line with our mission statement.

These landslide achievements won’t be possible without our sole benefactor Her Excellency Princess Stella Oduah (Ada na-eme ogo) she has indeed been a financial fortress to the foundation. The source of our fund comes entirely from her coffers. We remain ever grateful to her, for her kindness and generosity and pray that God will continue to bless, protect and empower her.

Without proper management and direction, much won’t have been able to accomplish, we appreciate the Chairman of the foundation Rev Fr
Donald Uzoh on whose helms the foundation has been steered to a greater height and to our other stakeholders we remain ever committed and grateful.
To our benefactors, we appreciate you all, and pray for the grace to be a worthy ambassadors of the foundation. We wish to see our mission alive in you and our objectives achieved through you.
Happy birthday MaxLife foundation…
Adieu Buwa!

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