Our Scholarship Scheme

MaxLife foundation in line with our goals and objectives offer full scholarship to individuals from indigent homes.

The Scholarship scheme covers the fee from entrance form procurement to any other fees that is associated with the course of study until graduation.

Currently we have our Beneficiaries at ST. John’s high school odoakpu onitsha, Metallurgical training Institute Oba, Grundtvig Institute Oba and Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu.

At Metallurgical Institute our beneficiaries are trained on various engineering skills in Heavy mobile equipment maintenance, instrumentation and control, industrial electrical, steel fabrication and welding. Candidates most be science inclined while the programme runs for 3years.

At Grundtvig Institute our beneficiaries are empowered with skills in:
✏Catering and Hotel management
✏Fashion and Textile Design
✏Computer Science
✏Office technology and Management.

Duration of the programme is 2years.

While at Federal College of agriculture, our beneficiaries are trained on various agricultural skills.

For further enquiry email@ maxlifef@gmail.com or call 09073238387.